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A few words from Derek...

I am seeking to get exposure for my book “Hannah’s Shame”.

But of course writing a book is one thing but then you have to be able to sell it but once you have it you have to work out who is going to want to read it. In the case of my book there is a huge potential readership, i.e. during the war years there were troop movements which have affected millions of people’s lives in the U.K. and Ireland. There are children who were adopted into and all of the different experiences that they had. The religious and political impact that moulded society to the present day and the effect on the lives of uneducated children. The children who were in foster care and who were to grow up and only find out when they were getting married that they weren’t the person they thought they were. These are the strands that run through my replica watches sale which millions of people will be able to relate to.

I feel that my book comes into the category of Social History and will always command a huge potential readership.

This book has already caught the imagination of editors of National and Regional Newspapers, Magazines etc. It has also caught the imagination of the BBC Leicester, Northampton and Coventry Radio. It also featured on Carl Chinn’s one o’clock show on the 15th October and the switchboard staff said that they have had more response to this interview than any other programme in the last five years. I commented that this was amazing and they replied that it was my story that was amazing.

This has all been done by an uneducated individual against all the odds without any agent or publisher involvement this is obviously a very unique situation. The book has also featured on fifteen local radio stations in Southern Ireland.

The book’s ISBN number is 09551457-08 and is currently available in all good book shops and online.
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