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Bethany Mount Jerome Memorial Video - 02/04/12

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Prime Time broadcast 'The Home the State Forgot'

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In memory - Bethany Home

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clip_image002.jpgBethany Home - In memory

Children born in the Bethany Home from 1921-1972. For those children who died before the age of 5, for all of those people who survived, but have had health problems to deal with throughout their lives, through the lack of care given to them as small children whilst in this home.

The Irish government was hoping that no-one would ever find out, the church of Ireland sadly has been missing in speaking up for these children to be included in the re-address bill.

People who see this little note kindly donate a little flower in their name. God bless all.

A Victim.

Amazing Breakthrough

To date Dereks two books have helped uncover 219 unmarked Childrens Graves in Mount Jerome Cemetry, Dublin. Following on from this, Derek is leading a campaign to build a memorial for these Children. You can read more about this campaign and how you can help here.

Dereks aim is to increase international awareness of the suffering of Children born in the Bethany Home and help survivors come to terms with their own experiences.

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  Article by Ruth Garvey-Williams about the Bethany Home: (Click image on left to enlarge)   More information about the memorial can be seen here: (Click image on left to enlarge)
Article   Description   Article Description
  Article by Valerie Robinson about the graves of unwanted Protestant Babies:(Click image on left to enlarge)   Article by Edel Kennedy and Ralph Riegal about unmarked graves:(Click image on left to enlarge)
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