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Derek Semple
1st Novermber 2005

Dear Derek,

I have read your book and I want to you on producing it. I enjoyed it and it held my interest. I also want to congratulate you on your life. You have, with immense courage, climbed mountains that others, including replica watches sale if I had been faced with them, could not have imagined climbing even the lower slopes. Life with the supports of a normal family is difficult enough, let alone with the start in life that you have had.

I have no difficulty in the world hublot replica uk your criticism of the Church of Ireland, in its care of orphans in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s. I feel no responsibility for what people did in those days. I just feel sad that so little was done to help you and many others who were unfortunate enough not to have had even a reasonable start in life. Kevin’s experience as you know was different in that up to the age of nine he had a lot of love in Miss Carr’s Home followed by deprivation and in the Havergal Home in Limerick.

I have absolutely no doubt that Carol has been a tremendous support, and in that you have been lucky. Equally I have no doubt that you have given to her greatly from all you have learned in your early life. I have no doubt that Carol and your four girls are immensely proud of you and they have every right to be.

I hope that having the book and having told your story it will bring you some peace and rest from what must have been an exhausting journey. I cannot imagine, I can only speculate about the wearying emotional turmoil you must have endured over the years.

I will talk to people about your book and encourage them to read it. I have Leslie McKeague’s address and telephone number to give to people who ask. I’m sorry that I cannot do more to help you with promotion, having retired with a heart condition, I must limit my expenditure of energy.

Again, Derek, well done, your achievements have been heroic, but do rest and let the world pass on about it’s business in the assurance that you challenged it and won. You may have to win one more battle: to learn how to let go. With immense respect to you, and my best wishes to Carol and your girls.

Yours sincerely,
Patrick Semple
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