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Dereks Fight Against Irish Government Discrimination


Dear Sir/Madam
I am looking for help to get the minister of replica watches uk to treat all Irish citizens equally irrespective of their religion and to be treated equally under the constitution of Ireland and the 1908 children's act. This right has been denied to me because I was born in what was considered to be a protestant home called the Bethany home, Rathgar, Dublin 6. The first barrier that they set in my way to be in the re-address bill was that it didn't come under the jurisdiction, but after the minister of the health department produced papers that said the jurisdiction came under the health board which was all one department then. They then said the that I was being excluded wasd that they didn't have an inspection or regulative responsibility for it. When the book I am the author of, Hannah's Shame, helped me uncover a hundred and one documents that proved beyond doubt that the Irish Government did indeed have inspections of the Bethany Home and that they knew at every level of the grotesque care that these children were subject to, but because of their secterianism and the ethnic cleansing policy of the religious groups involved resulted in what could only be described as a mini holocaust to which babies, infants and toddlers were subject to being left in their nappies, rotting and the other children totally uncared for. They were only interested in getting the children raised under one flag ie. either the or the catholic. The children payed the full price. This horror story has been covered up for over 60 years. Had there been a war on up until very recently, the ministers responsible would have been charged with war crimes against children. some people now believe in the human rights fields in England that we've now got the best chance to get justice for the non-catholics for unwanted children because of the Good Friday Agreement. Unfortunately at the moment, because I am fighting a lone battle, I have been unable to generate the energy with people who would feel that this wrong must be put right and of course the Irish Government that whilst they can keep this out of the publics gaze, and for another few years to drift past, that the remaining survivors will be no more and that they will have got away with it. On doing my research into this cess pit of history, I made a vow to myself that i owe it to all of those children who died before they were five years old and everybody responsible for this thinking that they've got away with it. Well, there might not be many of us left, but theres one thing you can be very assured of, that when I go or when I don't go will affect this situation not, because I will have ensured that every website and every email in the world will make sure that it will shine a light into all of these dark corners, no matter what. There was once a time when Ireland could have done it's usual restrictions on freedom and prevented this knowledge form the people, but today, they can't. Anyone who believes in justice and humanity cannot walk by on the other side of the road and not help the minority of unwanted survivors from the non-catholic side, please help. my website is
Yours sincerely
Derek Leinster


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